Best and worst things about Bangkok

Bangkok is the city that welcomes more visitors every year than any other city in the world. Known to Asians as Krung Thep – The City of Angels – Bangkok has a heavenly offering.

Tuk tuks

What is Bangkok without the famous tuk tuks? They light up the city at night, with drivers doing everything they can to make their tuk tuk the most special one in the streets.

Cheap, cheaper, cheapest

Thailand is a popular holiday destination, because the cost of living is minimal. You can eat traditional food for €1.50 – €4.50 in the small streets outside the city center. Backpackers even live from €15 – €30 per day, you can live very cheap or make it as expensive as you want.

Street food

Street food is very popular and you can find it everywhere; fresh fruit, chicken and noodles to go! By eating food on-the-go, you are able to see everything in the city and you don’t waste your time by sitting in a restaurant for hours. But you might come across the weirdest things as well, such as scorpions on sticks…

The smell…

The smell in the city center is different on each street, and can sometimes be a little unpleasant. Think of dried fish that lies in the heat the whole day. The heat can also intensify the smell of the sewers as well.


The temples in Bangkok are beautiful and there are thousands of them, small and big. The inside of the temples are wonderful, with golden Buddha’s in every temple showing enlightenment and wisdom. Don’t forget to take off your shoes before entering the temple!

The heat

Visiting Bangkok is on almost everyone’s bucket list, but it is so busy and warm that you can’t do anything without losing a few pounds in sweat. To get away from the overbearing heat, take a longtail boat and sail over the Chao Phraya river.

Rooftop bars

After a long day of seeing the best of Bangkok and struggling through the heat, what better way to kick back than on a rooftop bar? Two minutes up there and you’ll remember exactly why you came.

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