Feel the Dance

“El tango es tan antiguo como el hombre, nació con el primer dolor del alma.”“The tango is as old as mankind, it was born when the soul first felt pain.” R. Ostuni

Most cultures with long, old histories and deeply embedded traditions have a dance that is emblematic of the people and the place. Buenos Aires, Argentina has the tango.

The steps are heavy and light at the same time. The faces are happy and angry. The dancers move forward then backward, and side to side. The audience falls in and out of love along with the dancers.

The visual of the tango is somewhat manifested in the stereotypes of Argentina, but did you know that even the word is a historical entity in itself? Its a bit of an “egg before the chicken” argument, but some say the word has roots that go even deeper than the dance itself.

But who cares about the linguistics of it all when you can watch it in action? And when you get down to it, who wants to read about it when you can go there? Read up on the Argentine tango in our recently launched Argentina Culture Guide, and you just might be inspired to travel there yourself!

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