Expat problems – saying goodbye

Saying goodbye moving abroad

Just imagine, you have to move to a different country as part of your degree course. You will have an exciting list of countries you can choose from. Each and every one of those countries enjoys a different culture, and often they come with a different language. I am currently living that life and I would love to share my experience with you.

You have made your choice by now. This means that you have booked your flight and your accommodation. Your course or internship abroad has been arranged as well. You cannot wait to start your new adventure! Now all that is left is saying goodbye.

Most people think that goodbyes take place at the airport. You bid farewell to your family, probably with a few tears, and get on the plane. Yet I believe that is not entirely true. I found that saying goodbye happened in phases.

Saying goodbye to friends and places

Most people throw the “big goodbye party”. It is a great moment to bid farewell to the people who are close to you. Yet, it is not the same as parting ways with your closest friends. This is the part where it gets tougher. These are the people who supported you no matter what. They are doing that right now as well, because they support and understand your choice to move abroad. There is no need to worry because you know you’ll see them again. They will come to visit you, and of course you can always use video chat software to stay in touch.

After saying goodbye to your friends, you might want to visit some places which are dear to you. This could be anything. The pub you always went to, the cinema where you had that wonderful date, or the park where you hung out with your friends. Then you realise it is not the place which is special to you, it’s the memories.

Airport goodbyes

Finally, you have to part ways with your family. This was the most difficult moment I ever had to face. The week in advance of my departure had its’ ups and downs. At certain moments I could not wait to be abroad, yet sometimes I never wanted to leave. If you face these doubts, it is perfectly fine. It only means you have a positive environment surrounding you at home. What is a nice idea, is to have one big family dinner the night before you leave. You can discuss the whole adventure and your family will help take away most of your doubts.

The day of leaving goes by in a blur. Probably, your suitcase is so heavy that most of the time you are focusing on dragging it around. The moment when you will actually have to say goodbye is at airport security. This is difficult, but trust me, after you get through security and head to your gate, you will have that feeling of excitement, that feeling of adventure and most of all: that feeling of a great life ahead of you!

I wish you all the best in the country of your choice, and above all, enjoy it!

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