207,000 Brits left the UK last year

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) in the UK has released figures which estimate that 207,000 native British citizens emigrated in 2006. This is the highest number since records began. The top destinations were Australia, New Zealand, France, Spain and the USA.

At the same time 591,000 people arrived in the UK. As some non-nationals left in addition to the 207,000 Brits, the Total International Migration (TIM) figure – total immigration number minus total emigration number was under 200,000 in 2006.

These increases in both immigration and emigration for the UK market are reflected in other countries worldwide. These trends support what we have identified here at Just Landed. The world is becoming a smaller place. Today people are more likely to move country. They are also more likely to do so more often in the course of their lifetimes. To see how you can reach this interesting target market, please read our article on marketing to expatriates.

British migration, 1997-2006UK net migration 1997-2006

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Rebecca says:

Having read the article from the Telegraph, it would be interesting if the research were completed which specified the reasons for the current exodus of Britons. Are more people leaving due to the apparent “pressures on public services” due to high immigration or, as assumed, to retire or look for work?
I for one left for work and improved weather.