Where’s the best place to raise kids?

HSBC International has released further data focusing on ‘Offshore Offspring’ from its recent Expat Explorer survey. Factors covered include: time spent studying and outdoors, cost of raising kids, languages spoken and whether the family intended to stay in their current country of residence. Spain, France & Germany headed up the overall rankings, with the UK and the UAE coming in at the bottom. A third of expats in Canada reckon that their kids will stay in the country.

Offshore Offspring

Increased amounts of junk food are eaten by kids in the US and Canada, while moving to Spain or France seems to be healthier, with kids exercising more and spending less time stuck in front of the TV.

Not surprisingly, the survey showed 63% of expat kids speak two or more languages; those that don’t mostly live in Anglophone countries. In Spain, an amazing 94% of children are bilingual, with kids in Germany and France not lagging far behind at 87%.

Top ranked countries

Rank Cost Languages Outdoor Study
1st Spain Spain Australia India
2nd India Belgium Spain France
3rd China France/Germany France Singapore

UPDATE: Read our new information on expatriates and expats.

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