What people do on Mondays…

Nicole does not like Mondays. Her boyfriend dumped her at the weekend. Now it’s Monday morning and the boss is yelling at her as she is late on two projects. Her inbox is stuffed with 187 mails and she has to finish a report before lunch. It’s cold outside and raining. Suddenly Nicole thought, “Why not do more than just change my job, maybe I should make a new start somewhere sunnier and different…”

Just Landed’s jobs section has always received lots more visits on Mondays than any other day of the week. In fact, the time when you might think people would be looking for a new job – the weekend – actually seems to be the quietest day of the week.

This is a very different from the usage we see on our classifieds service – there is still a weekly pattern, but it is less pronounced:

So we think that people prefer to use their weekend for leisure and the week for work (even if that means looking for work while at work).

Nicole found her new job abroad in Dubai on Just Landed, then used our Dubai guide to find out about all the things she would need to do when moving there, as well as finding some new flatmates in our housing section. Mondays are brighter now.

It’s Monday, maybe time to think about getting a new job abroad?

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