8 million page impressions per month

It was only last month that we blogged about breaking the barrier of 7 million page impressions per month. One month later, we record a new record of 8 million impressions per month.

Our accelerated traffic growth is partially due to the relaunch of our expat community and our marketplaces for expat jobs and international property.

Especially the relaunch of our marketplaces has generated astonishing results: With the new design, ads are simply opened up as a layer on the same listing page, so clicking on an ad does not generate a complete page load anymore. For this reasons, we decided not to count these ad clicks as impressions for the moment, and thus expected our total number of page impressions to decrease after the relaunch. However, even without counting the ad clicks any more, the total number of impressions has increased, proving that the redesigned site is used far more extensively than before. If we were to count each ad click as a full page impression (like on ‘traditional’ classified sites), our number of impressions would be even higher.

Some users and partners also asked us for our unique visitors and comparative data with other expatriate site. In August 2009, our site reached more than 1.8 million unique visitors. As for competition – we do not like to compare our traffic to other expatriate sites (and prefer to focus on our own development). If you want to get an idea of where we positioned in the expatriate field, however, you can do your own analysis using Google Trends. Though we do not check these numbers regulary, it is clear that Just Landed has now become one of the worldwide leading expatriate sites in terms of reach.

There are still many things to improve and we’re working on a range of new products to make Just Landed even more useful in the future.  As always, we welcome any feedback – so stay tuned on our upcoming developments.

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