Expat guide to India launched

indiaWe´re pleased to announce the launch of our India expatriate guide. It includes information on visas, work, housing, health, and more, making it the perfect resource if you are travelling or moving to India.

In 2000, India’s expatriate community was relatively small with only about six million foreigners living and working in India and migration rates revolving around zero. But since India’s economy is developing at huge growth rates the demand for skilled workers more and more exceeds the number of graduates of Indian universities.

Since English is widely spoken, it may be easier for expatriates to get used to their new lives in India compared to other countries, but moving to India is still a huge challenge. Not only the culture with its caste system is hard to adapt to, but also the sheer size of the country with regulations varying from state to state can be nerve-stretching.

To be best prepared for your move to India our guide will help you with everything you need to consider. And if you still have doubts, or simply want to meet other expatriates, you can exchange ideas or ask for help in our expat community in India.

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