Expat guide to Malaysia launched!

We are pleased to announce the launch of our Malaysia expatriate guide. It includes information on visas, jobs, health, and more, making it the perfect resource if you are traveling or moving to Malaysia.

petronas-twin-tower-title-page-thumbnail1Recently recognised as a newly industrialised country, Malaysia not only has a booming tourism industry, but is also attracting a rising number of expatriates. With living costs far below Western standards, a highly advanced technology infrastructure, and a warming and diversified culture, expatriates enjoy all advantages of A Western and an Eastern world.

A noteworthy aspect is the country’s “Malaysia My Second Home Programme”. This government promoted residency scheme allows all foreigners and their dependents who fulfill certain criteria to stay in Malaysia on a 10 years visa. This visa can be renewed after expiration. Expatriates with this visa enjoy various incentives, whilst receiving the same treatment as Malaysian residents.

Since English is widely spoken, it is much easier for expatriates to get used to their new life in Malaysia than in many other countries. Nevertheless, the challenge of moving to a country as distinct as Malaysia should not be underestimated. The hierarchical culture, which characterises both social and professional life can make the starting period very difficult, and the hot, humid climate with heavy rainstorms is hard to adapt for many foreigners from northern countries.

To be best prepared for your move to Malaysia our guide will help you with everything you need to consider. You can also join our Malaysian expatriate community to meet other expats and to get advice about moving there.

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