Languages of the world

Ever wondered which language was spoken most on which continent? While browsing the web we found these statistics ‘wrapped’ into a neat world map picture:

Languages of the World

Click for a big version

This picture from the language portal shows which languages are spoken on which continents. Looking at the numbers, you can see the most popular world languages such as English, Chinese, Russan, Spanish and Arabic coming up top. Besides the poster, they also offer 22 bilingual dictionaries in 15 languages and many more language learning products such as vocabulary flashcards, which might come handy for your expat experience.

If you’re interested in one of the posters you can order your copy for free here. They also offer a digital version for download.

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Philip Claes says:

Few mistakes: about 50% of the people in South-America speak Portuguese (425 million ppl in the Whole of Latin America, 195 million ppl in Brasil).

In Europe, French topes Turkish, Italian and English (you have to count in a part of Belgium and a part of Switzerland).

Turkish isn’t even Europe, that would be Middle-East.

Spain topes Poland with about 40 to 30 million ppl.

Simon Lynch says:

Click on the map to see a bigger copy of the image.

Ray says:

Yeah sorry the map is Worthless because its SO SMALL!

Steve says:

I think it’s a wonderful map, but the size is too small to learn it fully.