Moving to Ghana? Our guide has all the information

Ghana expat guideGhana, commonly known as the “Gateway to Africa”, is famous for its laid-back pace of life and amicable people. With a growing economy and relative political stability, international businesses are increasingly recognising opportunities in this West African country.

Finding complete and current information about moving to Ghana can be a difficult task. Just Landed’s new expat guide covers everything you need to know, before and after your move, all in one place.

The Ghana expat guide will lead you through the process of relocating and settling into Ghanaian life. Before you move, get all the information on visas, education for your children, health and accommodation.

Ghana is one of the largest cocoa producers in the world. Several industries such as mining, transportation, telecoms and hydrocarbon are growing rapidly and skilled expats in these areas often find their salaries far exceed those in their home countries. Many Asian and African companies are attracted to the capital, Accra, Ghana’s financial hub. For expats looking for work in Ghana, our job section covers everything from job portals to Ghanaian business etiquette.

Once a British colony, Ghana gained its independence in 1957, the first sub-Saharan country to do so. A diverse country, Ghana is home to 52 ethnic groups and 79 languages. English is the official language and is widely spoken and used in education, the media and official channels. However, most people also speak one or two local languages. Use our Ghana community to find a language exchange partner and impress the locals!

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