American expats: redefining “The American Dream”

hats-657140_1920The American Dream, the national ethos of the United States of America, is synonymous with opportunities, prosperity and freedom. For many, the urge to chase the American Dream is born from the desire to succeed in their own country, while others decide to explore their options in an international setting.

This decision is a free choice, just like any decision you make. Take higher education, for example: you can decide where you want to study, what you want to study and for how long (if you can afford it of course!).

Naturally, people prioritise certain factors above others when making their final decision. We asked a number of Americans which were the most important factors for them when choosing their course: one of the most important factors was whether or not this degree was accredited in the United States. International diversity, on the other hand, was considered to be less important.

So what about American expats, who have actively decided to explore their options elsewhere and redefine “The American Dream” mentality? What are your priorities for higher education?

Let us know by filling out our survey here.

[Image: violey]

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