Enhance your future by studying abroad

knowledge-1052011_1920Have you ever thought about studying abroad? I have one thing to say: do it! It is an amazing and enriching experience in so many ways. There are so many great universities and more opportunities once you start considering institutions outside your home country.

Think of Europe, for example, with its incredible culture and exciting history it is a top student destination. If the quality of education, the number of international people you will meet and the welcoming expat student lifestyle aren’t enough to entice you, perhaps a reminder of the  affordability of higher education programmes is the final push you need.

Let me elaborate why you shouldn’t overlook the opportunity of completing at least one semester abroad, anywhere in the world.


I think it’s true that what you learn in the classroom stays with you and helps you to develop your career, somehow; but real life experiences are what really give you a different view of the world. Receiving your education in a different country allows you to open your eyes to different possibilities and opinions in the world. You will have an understanding of the way different cultures develop, which is a great advantage when looking for a job in the future.


freiburg-76217_1920One of the main stigmas attached to studying abroad is that it can be hellishly expensive. Fortunately, this needn’t always be the case. Many countries in Asia (such as South Korea) offer amazing scholarship opportunities for international students. It greatly depends on where you come from and where you’re going, but studying abroad can be surprisingly affordable. You might think that the UK, France or the USA are not exactly places where you can survive on little money, but there are other options. Did you know that Slovenia, Estonia and Romania all offer high-quality higher education for a fraction of the price you’re paying back home? Take Germany for example, where higher education is free.


Think about it: what advantage does an international graduate have over one who has never experienced life abroad? Sure, travelling gives you edge and a general cultural knowledge of other countries; however, living in a country and experiencing the way they study, work, move and think puts you ahead of your competitors.

International skills attract employers who are looking for people who can help expand their companies not just towards a local market, but at a global scale. Having experience studying or doing an internship abroad can open a surprising number of doors for you.

International awareness

Job_interview_0001Despite the accessibility of information on the internet, many people live in their comfortable bubble and have little international awareness. This doesn’t mean that you have to read the newspaper every day in order to always be on top of the latest news, but living in a different country allows you to understand other cultures and by meeting new people you often gain more awareness on current events occurring around you. It also gives you an edge when connecting with international employers and companies, enhancing the way you view the world.

Learning a new languag

There is no easier way to learn a new language than by immersing yourself in a country where they speak it. Whether it be French, German, Spanish or Chinese, living and breathing the language is what will make it stick. Speaking two or more languages looks great on your CV and not only opens career opportunities in your home country, but anywhere around the world. Bilingual speakers are on the rise and anyone who cannot speak a second or third language could find themselves lagging behind in terms of international competitiveness.

Making lifelong friends from around the world

jump-628431_1920International students have an amazing ability to find each other and tend to stick together in packs. You will certainly meet many locals, but also a handful of expats and students from around the world. This not only opens your travelling opportunities but also your future career ones.

You never know if that foreign student you sat next to while studying abroad could refer you to an amazing job opportunity in his or her home country later in life. Never lose touch with these people, regardless of career opportunities, international friends are some of the best you will make in your life.

There are so many advantages to studying abroad, and I know these points are only the tip of the iceberg. Let us know in the comments below about your experience studying in another country and would you recommend it to someone else?

Image: [DariuszSankowsigeralt, Joxemai, Eliens]

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