Highlights in 2007, plans for 2008

2007 – It felt like last year disappeared in a flash. Highlights for Just Landed were:

  • 6.4 million visits to www.justlanded.com in 2007.
  • Launch of new applications for jobs, housing and classifieds at the end of August. 410,000+ people have visited and 67,000+ ads are now live in the system.
  • The USA, Hungary, Bulgaria, South Korea and Croatia were launched and many countries got extra languages added to them.
  • We might be wrong, but now with 31 countries covered in up to 7 languages, we think we have the most comprehensive source of multilingual expat information available on the web.

2008 – We are excited by our plans for this year and look forward to providing more useful information and services for expats:

  • More countries and languages will be made available.
  • Some new applications and functionality will be launched to help provide a more useful user experience.
  • As we have had many requests for this, we are working on ways in which we can let you – our users – contribute more to the site directly.

What would you like to see? Suggestions, comments and complaints are all welcome. Click here to contact Just Landed or write a comment below.

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Simon Lynch says:

Thanks for the suggestion.

Coming soon! In the next few months this is one of the things we will be launching on the site.

Paul says:

It would be great if you could put up an option for people to publish their profile. The classifieds are fine, but it’s not the same thing.