Welcome to The Just Landed Blog!

Since our launch in 2003, Just Landed has grown from a small website to one of the biggest expatriate portals worldwide. We are working hard to launch new applications, provide more content and fulfil our mission to ‘help people abroad’. With our new weblog, we want to keep you updated on what we’re doing and where we’re heading to.

One of the biggest success factors of Just Landed has been feedback from our users, partners and advertisers. We hope that you will use this blog to tell us how we can improve in the future. What have done well, what have we done wrong? What are you missing on Just Landed?

The first site of Just LandedBefore we look into the future, however, we want to use this “opening post” to tell you where we’re coming from. In October 2003, we launched our first website, a portal for people moving to Spain in English. OK, the site did not look too great (in fact it looked horrible). At the end of the launch period we were happy to get 3000 visitors a month.

A few months later, we had gained sufficient feedback to go for the first major relaunch, including a change of the whole system architecture. We launched the multi-country, multilingual website that is the basis of what you see today. The first version of this site only included 5 countries, but already had the technical base for the rapid launch of new countries and languages.

Today, Just Landed covers more 31 countries in up to 7 languages. With more than 500,000 users visiting each month, we have become a major player in the expatriate market, helping thousands of people on their move abroad and offering our advertisers a unique opportunity to reach this interesting group of customers.

But that’s not where it stops: Besides extending our coverage of countries and languages, we are constantly working on new features to make our site more useful for our users and customers. We just launched some new applications for housing and property, jobs abroad and international classifieds (more on these later). And we are happy to see that these applications already gaining traction while we are still working on improving them.

We still have many ideas and projects that will continue the face of Just Landed as you see it today, offering you more information and features to help you get settled abroad. And we are looking forward to use this blog to tell you what we’re doing and to get your feedback on ideas, projects and future enhancements.

One last word about ourselves and about this blog: Our team is as multinational as the people we serve (just in our main office in Madrid there are currently 7 nationalities) and everyone has lived abroad. This means some posts will be written in European English, so excuse the odd mistake 😉

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Claude says:

I agree with Leila – you guys have created a really useful site. I went to Germany a couple of weeks ago, and actually got some really useful input through your telephone section when I started my fight with German telco providers!!! One thing I’m still missing on the site though is a possibility to get in touch with other expats and/or to find expatriate clubs in the place you’re going to. However, I thing Just Landed is one of the best sites I’ve seen so far for moving abroad, so keep up with your work!

Leila says:

Hi guys! I just wanted to tell you that you have created a great site for people moving abroad. I went to study in Spain last month and found the information on finding an apartment really useful – I actually ended up finding a flat through your classifieds! Keep on with your word an good luck on your development!