60% of Kuwaiti expat workforce might be cut

The Kuwaiti government’s plan to reduce the amount of expat workers is bad news for a lot of people, with almost 70% of Kuwait’s workforce consisting of expats.


Sources from within Kuwait’s municipality say that new plans are underway that could lead to a 60% cut in the entire expat workforce and a general decrease in foreign worker’s salaries.

The administrative and financial bodies of Kuwait will begin checking expatriates’ qualifications, job positions and contracts. This will result in job losses, changes in job descriptions and reduced salaries.

Expats who fail to show up for work, who do not fulfill their duties or who have a fake degree will be fired. Government officials think this could lead to a 60 per cent cut in the expat workforce.

The rumours come after a recently established law forcing senior expats (over 50) working in the public sector, or who have a job that could be done by a local, to leave Kuwait.

To the expats of Kuwait, what are your thoughts on these rumours? How will they affect you?

Image: [nelsondsouza]

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