10 tips on how to be an expert expat

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If you’re about to move abroad for the first time you’re probably feeling extremely excited. And terrified. It’s an exciting time, and there will of course be challenges, but none that won’t make a good anecdote when you’re boasting to your friends about how well-travelled you are later down the line.

But just to help, we’ve asked people from across the globe to share their advice and lead you in the right direction, wherever you are going!


10 tips from the experts themselves

  1. “My tip I suppose is mainly directed to shorter term expats and people still paying for things in their home country. I have two PayPal accounts, one for my account here and one back home. It makes it so easy to transfer money!” – Lauren Haynes
  2. “My best tip is to go to intercambios and join pages on FB for advice. I’ve made my best friends that way!” – Jackie Setzer
  3. “Let’s face it, it’s also nice to have a network of friends that are experiencing, or have experienced, the same thing as you. Moving can be daunting, don’t make it more difficult by refusing to make like-minded, fellow expat friends.” – Pauline Thomas
  4. “Well I think that bringing all your photocopies of important documents, such as your university degree, is a good tip when it comes to finding a job abroad It could be more useful than you can imagine.” – Amélie Tonneau
  5. “I’d say get in touch with the locals as soon as possible and learn the basics of the language in the new country. I think this way you will feel more comfortable and less of an outsider. People will definitely like it if they see your efforts to adapt a little bit and it’s easier to make friends. Also ask around and get to know what bars, restaurants and places the local people prefer to go to – these are usually the best and the cheapest.” – Ayla Coraij
  6. “Far from being an expert expat I think something I would suggest (and perhaps something which is far easier said than done) is to try as best you can to withhold judgement. There are times in Spain when I find myself getting incredibly impatient or I can’t relate to situations – but I have to remind myself that I can’t change it, this is the way it is done. Sometimes the reverse actually happens and you see that they way things are done in another country make a lot more sense and it can be quite eye opening.” – Amy Flippantexpert expats
  7. “If you are moving to a new country and have a lot of luggage find a good shipping company, I used sendmybag.com are cheap, fast and very reliable!” – Laura Melsal
  8. “Research the little things about the country, what time shops open and close, what time people usually eat etc, these are the things that expat sites don’t normally mention but they will throw you off while you are trying to adjust to a new culture.” – Jonathon Ellis
  9. “Eat everything! Try as much as you can! I find that the best way to experience a new culture is through eating. You can learn a lot from food and the way people eat and it will really help you fit in” Arran Fletcher
  10. “Find a job where you can meet a lot of people, I work in a hotel and have met people from all over the world! I never knew my friends would be so diverse. We hold meals where everyone cooks something traditional from their home and it makes for an amazing evening!” Rafal Lepczyk

So there you go! We hope that helps you out and turns you from amateur adventurer to expert expat in no time!

If you have any additional tips, please let us know!


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