Good food equals happiness

I was excited to hear about the launch of the new HSBC Expat Explorer Tool.  Basically this interactive tool allows you to visualize expat trends around the globe. Countries are ranked based on three main criteria: economics, experience and offspring. You can personalize you search by combining different criteria and you can use it to learn more about your country or to plan your next destination.

I tested it by looking for countries that are ranked as best places to live. To start I clicked on the “experience” criteria and was given the choice to narrow down my search in very specific categories. As a food lover I was pleased to find categories related to food.  Then I decided to focus my search in countries that are considered good for eating. For this I chose three categories: enjoying local food, having a healthy diet, and getting used to local food.

To my surprise Spain is ranked at the top followed by Thailand, France, and South Africa. Which means that I am living in the right place! Surveys confirm the myth; everyone is happier after enjoying a tasty meal.


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