Why New Zealand is an expat favourite

New Zealand has recently overtaken Australia with regards to expat popularity. Many people move here following the promise of warmth, beautiful scenery and an all round better quality of life. Below are some reasons why New Zealand is quickly becoming an expat favourite.

Weather and surroundings

It is said that it rarely gets too hot or too cold in New Zealand but it definitely has more sunshine than rain. It is one of the only countries in the world where you can theoretically ski in the morning and swim on the beach in the afternoon.

With regards to natural scenery, there is no other country that can rival New Zealand. There are so many different landscapes from rainforests to glaciers and the views really are breathtaking. There are loads of outdoor activities to do here and there is nothing stopping you if the sun is nearly always shining!

Perfect for families

New Zealand has an extremely strong education system and if you become permanent residents, your children are entitled to free state education. New Zealand is also one of the safest places in the world, being ranked 2nd below Iceland on the Global Peace Index. The crime rates are astonishingly low and even in the unlikely event of a world disaster, the country is extremely out of the way geographically!

Cheap cost of living

New Zealand has one of the lowest average property prices in the developed world and has an extremely low cost of living. Although the price of houses are of course higher in the cities especially in Auckland, there are no differences between the cost of houses for locals and the cost of houses for expats, unlike other countries. In the rural areas, rent is extremely reasonable.

Although your wages in New Zealand will most likely be lower than your country of origin, thanks to the strong economy, your earnings go much further than you might first expect. Taxation in New Zealand is also extremely low which means you will have more money in your pocket.

Expats who obtain permanent residency and those who have a work permit and have been working for 24 months, are also entitled to free healthcare by the state!


New Zealand is an extremely laid back country and this is reflected in everyday life. The work-life balance is always in favour of life and nobody expects too much. The Kiwi’s are also lovely people and friendly to everyone, so it really shouldn’t be too difficult to settle in! It is also a country that is full of different ethnicities and cultures and therefore is considered to be extremely welcoming.  

There you have it! If you are enticed by the prospect of joining other expats in New Zealand you can check out our Just Landed New Zealand guide for more information.


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