6 social media apps that all expats should be using

It’s not uncommon to get homesick if you’re an expat. Although these days it’s now much easier to stay in touch with everyone back home, thanks to Skype and WhatsApp, it can still often feel like you’re missing out. Or maybe you’re just tired of using the same old ways to update your friends and family on everything you’re getting up to, and want to spice your conversations up a little? Those silicon valley tech wizards have come up with some truly innovative new apps for keeping in touch, and we’ve picked out six of the best that every expat should download immediately. It’s a small world after all…


1. Stream

You can have you family and friends with you on your adventure with Str.eam. This innovative app allows you to record or watch videos from anywhere in the world via a live stream, be it while you’re being chased by bulls during la corrida de toros in Pamplona or just chilling on the beach in Bali. It also has an instant messenger and video chat so you can add live commentary while you watch so no one has to ever feel left out again.

2. Voxer

Voxer is the millennials’ answer to the walkie talkie, allowing you to record live messages and send them either to individuals or an entire group. It then gives you the option to either respond straight away or save the message for later. You can also send photos or text through the app to vary the conversation. This app will make you forget that you’re on the other side of the world and take you back to the days when you were crawling around the garden with your best mate playing capture the flag.

3. Viber

Viber is the best social gaming app out there, allowing you to play and connect with friends and family even when an ocean is keeping you apart. It also allows your contacts to see your current location so your friends can keep track of all the cool places you go to while saving them the constant updates. It also provides a messaging service that actually allows you to delete sent messages once they’ve been sent, just in case you accidentaly send a private message to the wrong person. You just have to hope you get to it before they see it first…

4. WeChat

WeChat is a call and messaging service that allows you to create group chats with up to 500 people and video chats with up to nine people, so you never have to miss out on a family reunion again. It also has a unique “Shake” feature that allows you to connect with people nearby- perfect for making friends when you go somewhere new. It’s also an easy way of introducing your old friends to all your new ones without anyone having to buy an expensive plane ticket.

5. Telegram

Tired of waiting for ages to receive a message because of a bad connection? Well then it’s worth getting Telegram – the fastest messaging app out there. Telegram is also unique in that it allows you to create self-destructing chats which implode when they reach an imposed deadline, so you and your friends can feel like spies in a John le Carré novel. Oh, the intrigue…

6. Snapchat

An oldie but a goodie. Snapchat allows you to send live action postcards giving a glimpse of whatever you’re doing to your friends and loved ones back home. There is also now a seemingly endless supply of filters to make life just that bit more entertaining. Our personal favourite- the dog tongue. Obviously.

Source: Jason Howie

Kat Ashton

Kat Ashton currently resides in Madrid. She is a harsh critic of anything that contains fennel and spends her time reading, writing and dreaming about the intangible world of ideas.

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