Top destinations for British expatriates

Recent research from Halifax International is showing France as the most popular destination for Brits moving abroad:

Most Popular Destinations for British Expatriates

Rank Country Share of total (%)
1st France 16
2nd Spain 10
3rd USA 8
4th Australia 4
4th Switzerland 4
4th Germany 4

16% of British expatriates currently live in France, with Spain in second place with 10% of the total. The most popular overseas destination for people to move to outside of Europe was the USA at 8%. Australia, Switzerland and Germany came in joint 4th place at 4% of the total each.

British Expatriates Living In France

Over two thirds (67%) of British expatriates living in France are aged 55 and over. Nearly one third (32%) are aged between 55 and 64 years of age. This shows a that a large percentage of these expatriates have chosen to spend the later part of their lives in France. Maybe the famously love/hate relationship between the English and the French is a myth, because an estimated 115,000 French people live in the UK (~8% or so of the total French expatriate population).

Age of British Expatriates Living In France

Age Of Person Share of total (%)
30 to 44 9
45 to 54 19
55 to 64 32
65 to 75 24
75 years and over 11

Of those British expatriates living in the USA, half (50%) were aged between 45 and 64. Compared to France this is a relatively younger population pointing to a higher percentage of professional expats.

Age of British Expatriates Living In USA

Age Of Person Share of total (%)
30 to 44 13
45 to 54 24
55 to 64 26
65 to 75 18
75 years and over 10

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