What do expats really think?

HSBC International has today released the results from its Expat Explorer survey. This is probably the largest ever worldwide survey of expatriates and it contains some interesting information, and some surprises. Some highlights:

  • Lowest-rated expatriate destinations for lifestyle include the UK and France
  • Singapore rated highly for quality of accommodation
  • Brazilian, Irish and Australian expats are the wealthiest

Paul Say, Head of Marketing and Communications at HSBC Bank International, said:

“The global expat community is vast and living in foreign countries means expats don’t often have the normal outlets to express their viewpoints. This survey has allowed us to delve into the lives of these expats on an unprecedented scale and reveal some fascinating trends into how life differs from country to country.”

Top ranked countries

Rank Accommodation Earn & Save Longevity Luxury
1st Singapore India Netherlands UAE
2nd US Hong Kong Germany Singapore
3rd Belgium Singapore US India

See more information and the results here: www.offshore.hsbc.com/expatsurvey

UPDATE: Read our new information on popular expatriate destinations.

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Anne Holmes says:

Thanks for including a link to the HSBC Bank International survey: As I am just starting my evaluaion of where I would like to move for retirement, this is very useful information.