Get Smart in Argentina

There’s no better way for you and your family to learn about the Argentine culture than to move there.

But when it comes to finding out about practicalities in Argentina, our guide can help you even before you arrive. And to be even more useful to you, we’ve just launched our Argentina Education Guide.

So whether you’re thinking about enrolling yourself in a university in Argentina, or you’re trying to decide where to send your little ones to receive the best education, learn all about the Argentine education system before making any schooling decisions.

Education in Argentina is great, with the country having one of the highest levels of literacy in the world, and also one of the highest percentages of people enrolled in some form of higher education. And you’ll have plenty of selection- from private to public, large to small, international to vocational – Argentina has a bit of everything to offer.

You can rest assured that your education is safe in Argentine hands, but give our guide a quick scan for some tips and reminders before you get lost in translation.

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