Improve your education abroad!

studying abroad

More students are choosing to study an international degree

Good news for expats who want to improve their education abroad!

Just Landed has proudly announced the official launch of, a new industry website targeting education professionals and people thinking of studying abroad.

The site features resources, interviews with leading professionals and the latest news about international education. It has been launched in response to the increasing demand for international degrees among our users.

Among other advantages, studying abroad enhances career opportunities. Nowadays, a huge number of program options are available for those who want to take more control of their professional future.

Being aware of this reality, offers you higher education advice that will help you stand out in the international job market.

Visit our new website and start improving your career abroad!

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Jorge says:

Okay,I may have actually eatred up at reading this. I just felt like I was reading my own words. Watching TV, doing nothing and then acting like a golden retriever when your master arrives home.I have just moved to a ruralish area of France for my French Husband and I am Australian. Sometimes I wonder what the heck am I doing here? We live here for his job prospects but it just leaves me so empty, my french is nearly lost on the locals and this is his home town! So they do give me patience.I am trying to stick it out here. So far two and a half months and after reading this and a few other places I am going to stick with my original decision of two years minimum.Thanks for giving me some hopeNik