Newly-launched Peru expat guide!

machu picchu

Machu Picchu – one of Peru’s many attractions.

Peru is a Quechuan Indian word that means “Land of Abundance” and this description holds true today.

Peru is home to many famous historical sites as well as rich fisheries and a plentitude of natural resources. Nowadays, it is seen as a major global provider of silver, zinc and copper complemented by a well-established petroleum industry.

Just Landed’s new, detailed, expat guide to Peru provides an assortment of relevant information and tips for expats, ranging from handling money to all-important information about visas and permits.

With its economy ranked as the 42nd largest in the world, and a boom during the 2000s making it one of the fastest growing, what better time to start your Peruvian adventure.

The official language of Peru is Spanish, and the Aymara and Quechua languages, as well as a variety of Amazonian languages have official status in some regions. A growing number of Peruvians have a basic grasp of English, aided by the increase in American and British tourists and expatriates.

Expats wanting to improve their Spanish skills in order to integrate better and to truly relish the culture can advertise and search for language exchanges on our Peru expat community page.

Just Landed’s guide can help you start your Peru job search, learn about health care options and find accommodation.

With its colonial charm and variety of opportunities to entice you, why not head over to our new Peru guide today and start exploring this truly unique “land of abundance“.

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