Zimbabwe president is urging expat business owners to return home

Following his recent inauguration, Emmerson Mnangagwa, the new leader of Zimbabwe, is keen to try and rebuild the country’s ailing economy. In a recent speech at the Zimbabwean embassy in Pretoria, he spoke about the country entering a “new era”, one which he is keen for current Zimbabwean expats to play a big part in.

An economy in need of help

Throughout his speech, Mnangagwa urged Zimbabwean business owners currently living as expats in South Africa to come back to their home land. He wants these business owners to invest in Zimbabwe and build the country’s economy back up.

The economy in Zimbabwe had been through a turbulent time during the previous leader Mugabe’s reign, even having to abandon their currency back in 2009. Up until then, ordinary Zimbabweans would have to spend billions of Zimbabwean dollars just on a loaf of bread. The country is full of corruption and this is why Mnangagwa is keen to focus on the economy in particular.

Zimbabwe open for business

The Zimbabwean government is in the process of changing laws that had previously scared off investors. The ‘indigenisation programme’ is a law in which Mnangagwa hopes to reverse. The programme, implemented by Mugabe, required that all businesses should be owned by Zimbabweans.

According to Mnangagwa there are currently huge investment opportunities in areas such as mining, agriculture, rail infrastructure, road networks and service industries. This means that Zimbabwe is open for international investors, encouraging more expats from around the world to come.

Who knows, maybe Zimbabwe could be your 2018 expat destination?


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