The challenges of studying abroad

Many people dream about studying abroad, since it opens up so many doors. Not only is it possible to meet people from all countries and cultures, but it also changes the way you see the world.But I can tell you from personal experience that studying abroad is not all fun and games. It has unique challenges that will test any student’s willingness to continue with their study abroad program.

The main problem of studying abroad is always money. Unless your family can support you financially by taking care of all your bills, you will have to get a part-time job or live on a tight budget. This can be a problem if you’re still learning your host country’s language. I had to work at a restaurant for weeks just because I wanted to have a nice four-day trip to Paris with friends. The lack of money can be depressing sometimes, especially when you want to travel while studying abroad, so be prepared and save every penny you can before heading abroad.

Another difficulty of studying abroad is getting homesick. You never know how much you love the food your mum cooks or the small hometown you grew up in until you live abroad. There will be times when you miss your old life so much that you just want to pack everything and go home. If you’re patient and open-minded, this phase will soon pass. Also, making new friends always helps as they can help you settle in and start enjoying your life abroad.

Despite all the difficulties and challenges of studying abroad, it can be life-changing and full of fun. Therefore, I strongly suggest that anyone who has the opportunity to experience the student life abroad should just go for it. I am sure you will not regret it in the end.

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