Brace yourself: they are blinging healthy back

Anyone can understand the importance of proper and immediate medical attention, especially when you are unable to speak. Who would have thought that the solution to this could be as simple as wearing your medical history on your wrist or neck?

Imagine a scenario where you are rendered unconscious by your illness or accident; it is impossible to physically communicate to the paramedic or doctor that you have diabetes, allergies, high blood pressure, or anything else. Now imagine breaking down that barrier, allowing medical professionals to immediately access your medical history in order to reduce treatment errors due to lack of information.

Additionally, many people opt not to carry around documentation or medical history when living abroad. Therefore, having a system that allows doctors to access it (whether it is for allergies, pre-existing conditions, or vulnerabilities) in any language can save a life. Your life, in fact.

Jewellery that speaks for you when you can’t

Other than the fact that you get to wear some very fashionable bracelets, necklaces or watches,  becoming a member of MedicAlert will allow health experts access to your medical history in case you are unable to communicate at the scene or when arriving at a hospital for an emergency. You can have important information engraved on a bracelet that will let medical professionals around the world access your history through a personal ID number.

Photo from MedicAlert UK

My MedicAlert bracelet enables me to carry on living my life knowing that, in an emergency, the right people will know exactly the right information to save my life”, shares Mr. Rawden. But it needn’t necessarily be all about pre-existing conditions or allergies one might suffer. In Mr. Ingram’s case, as a carer for his wife suffering from Parkinson’s, his emblem reads that in case of suffering an emergency, Ann, his wife, is to be taken care of immediately by a Social Service center. “You hope you don’t ever need it, but I know it’s there just in case”.

Saving lives

Allowing the information on your MedicAlert ID to be within easy reach allows paramedics and doctors to treat you quickly and appropriately; this means your conditions – if any – can be addressed accordingly when needed.

Living abroad poses many barriers – don’t let medical attention be one of them! You can save your life by letting doctors access your history when an unwanted situation presents itself.

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