Children’s book helps explain an international move

Children's book - helping children relocate“Will they have cartoons there?”, “Can Reginald come?”, “Will we still have to go to school?”. These are just a few examples of the questions children ask when told they will be moving abroad.

Happily, Reginald the golden retriever, complete with pet passport, made it abroad. The scope of these questions indicate just how daunting a big move can be for a child. Our new book, Moving planet isn’t easy, aims to help children come to terms with a move abroad. The story features Flup, an alien who lives with his family on the planet Xtron. One day his parents tell him they have found new jobs millions of miles away, on a different planet called Earth. Flup is naturally worried about the move. The story follows Flup as he leaves Xtron and settles into his new life on Earth, making friends and trying new foods along the way.

The story provides a fun way for parents to introduce the changes that will occur, and talk about the concerns and worries that their child may have. The book also includes advice written by expat parents, for parents. It covers everything from talking about the move as a family, to making friends and settling into a new school.

Changes to their environment, culture, language and food can lead to many worries for even the most resilient child. The differences can be almost unimaginable for them, depending on where you are moving from and to. To help kids adapt and settle into their new home, open communication and discussions as a family about the move are very important.

While uprooting children may present a dilemma, parents are likely to be surprised at how well their children adapt to life abroad. Kids will often pick up language and make new friends much faster than adults. Moving planet isn’t easy is an entertaining way for parents to ease the natural fears children have when faced with a big change in their routine and lifestyle.

The book is available from Amazon in Spanish and English:

The new website has games, colouring in pages, desktop/phone wallpapers and an online copy of the book, as well as tips for parents of kids moving country. It also includes stories from expat kids and parents.

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