Expat guide to Israel launched

We are pleased to announce the launch of our Israel expatriate guide! Israel draws from a millennia-old Jewish tradition, but only a very recent history as a modern state. In fact, the current state of Israel was built on the  “return” of Jews from all over the world to their homeland. In recent years, Israel received more than a million Jewish immigrant from Russia.

Despite the Jewish origin of most Israelis, modern Israel is therefore a mix of cultures and traditions from all over the world. As an expat living in Israel, you will find many people who speak multiple languages, including German, Russian, Romanian, and the national languages Hebrew, Arabic, and English.

In 2009, almost 15% of Israel’s population were North American and European expats. The Israeli government readily welcomes all Jews who wish to return to their homeland, and even if you are not Jewish, it’s still possible – though quite a bit more difficult – to make the move to Israel.

Whether you’re Jewish or not – the move to a foreign country is always difficult, and Israel is no exception. Our Israel guide will give you the information to make the transition easier. If you have any additional questions or want to discuss life in Israel with other expatriates, be sure to join our expat community in Israel!

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