Expat guide to Turkey launched

istanbulWe’re excited to announce the launch of our Turkey expatriate guide. In our guide we have assembled information on visas, property, health, and more, making our Turkey guide the perfect resource if you are traveling or moving to Turkey.

Turkey was once a relatively poor country with a weak economy, but in recent years it has stabilized its currency and become a tourism powerhouse. According to the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism’s statistics, some 14,000,000 foreign nationals either traveled to or lived in Turkey between January 2007 and July 2009.

Foreigners visit Turkey for reasons varying from relaxing in luxury villas along the Mediterranean coast to obtaining state of the art medical care in Turkey’s outstanding private clinics. In addition, expats are retiring to Turkey in ever-increasing numbers. Presently, as Turkey moves forward with a large role in the Nabucco gas pipeline project, its importance to the international community will only grow.

Turkey is undoubtedly different from your home country, and our expat guide will help you organize your move. If you have more questions or want to meet other expatriates living in Turkey, check out our Turkey expat community!

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