Expat guide to Norway launched

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new Norway exaptriate  guide! In it, you will find lots of useful information on visas, rentals,  telephone and internet services, healthcare and many other topics.

Norway is a beautiful country which boasts the best of both worlds – breathtaking countryside and trendy, cosmopolitan cities! In recent years, the number of expatriates moving to Norway has increased and more and more people are choosing to move there. There are many reasons for this, including the high standards of living, the country’s excellent healthcare, its good education system and stable economy. Foreigners moving to Norway need not fear about any language barriers – English is widely spoken in Norway, and there are also excellent language schools all over the country to help you learn Norwegian.

Norway has a booming industry. In 2000, 31% of the country’s GDP came from the manufacturing, mining, crude petroleum and gas production industries, with oil and gas extraction being the two most important industries. These days, foreigners have an easier time finding a job in Norway, compared to other European countries.

In a recent poll conducted on Norwegian citizens, over 60% said they were happy and content with their lifestyle in Norway. We hope that our Norway guide will help you become one of them!

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