6 million page impressions per month

A good start into the new year: In January, we hit a new traffic high with 6 million page views per month. It was only in october last year that we blogged about reaching more than 4 million page views.  In comparison to January 2007, we have more than doubled our traffic.

This accelarated growth is due to various reasons: First of all, we have extended our editorial coverage of country guides, launching new countries and adding additional translations to the existing ones. Second, our applications for international jobs and property are continuing to grow. And third, our new expat community is starting to take off, with more and more new members signing up each day.

With more than 1.5 million expatriates visiting our site each month, Just Landed is now one of the worldwide leading expatriate portals in terms of reach, country and language coverage. For companies interested in expat marketing, Just Landed is thus becoming ‘the place to be’ for reaching new customers in the expatriate market.

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