7 million page impressions per month

We finally broke through the barrier of 7million page impressions per month: In July 2009, we recorded a new record of 7.15 million page views, thus doubling our traffic compared to July 2008.

After a disappointing traffic development in spring, growth has now picked up again. This is partially due to some architectural changes we implemented to cope with the increasing server load. As Just Landed continues to grow, scalability of the platform becomes more and more important to guarantee speed of page delivery.

Already of today, Just Landed has become one of the worldwide leading online destinations for people moving countries, making it the platform of choice for expatriate advertising on a global scale. During the last month, we have been working on a complete redesign of the site which will be launched within the next weeks – so stay tuned on upcoming developments! As always, we welcome any feedback that helps us make our site even better in the future.

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Simon Lynch says:

We tend not get too technical on the data here… which does make me ask myself why we keep blogging it 😉

Month uniques for the last 30 days at 1.7million. for inbound to the UK, I can give you impressions last 30 days in English: 113,000. We have impressions in other languages for the UK. Drop me a mail if you want info.

For this question, “And how do you compare with Expatica.com for example?” – I guess you can use Google trends for an idea http://trends.google.com/websites?q=justlanded.com,expatica.com&geo=all&date=all&sort=0

Ian Wood says:

Page impressions are all very well…but surely the proof of the pudding is in the number of monthly unique visitors….to give it more accountability.
Also what splits have you for the UK inbound sector?
And how do you compare with Expatica.com for example?

John says:

Woe, congratulations, soon it will be the 10 million mark.