Macedonian language is now available

We are happy to announce the launch of our sites for community, jobs, classifieds, housing and directory in Macedonian! Macedonian serves as the official language of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, where it is spoken by approximately 2 million people. Macedonian is a native language to the majority of Macedonia’s inhabitants, and is also a second language for many minority groups in the country. Macedonian is also spoken and taught in schools in Romania, due to the fact that Macedonians are an officially recognized minority group.

The Macedonian language is divided into two primary dialects: eastern and western. Differences between the two are small, however, and in general Macedonian dialects are less distinct than those of other Slavic languages such as Slovenian, Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, or Bulgarian.

A large number of Macedonians live outside the traditional Balkan Macedonian region, with Australia, Canada and the United States having the largest emigrant communities. The Macedonian spoken by communities outside the republic dates back to before the standardisation of the language in 1944 and retains many dialectic variations.

UPDATE 4th Feb 2011: We just took a look at our latest visitor statistics and adding this language has doubled our visits from the Republic of Macedonia.

We are working really hard to make Just Landed as useful as possible for as many people as possible, so this is great to see.

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Simon Lynch says:

Macedonians seem to be pretty sure it’s a language, they are also pretty keen on having a Republic of Macedonia. History is a little complicated in the Balkans and there is some tension between this little nascent state and Greece. The only important thing is that there is a group of people who speak and write a language they identify as Macedonian (which by the way is an internationally recognised language with its own ISO code) and they can now use Just Landed in it!

By the way, you should also brush up on your history – Alexander the Great came from ‘Macedonia’ and it’s on record on at least one occasion that he spoke to his ‘own’ people in their language which was not understandable to the Greeks (which of course he also spoke).

Kat Kyon says:

There is no “Macedonian” language…
There was an ancient Macedonian STATE
The language was: ANCIENT GREEK.