How to meet new people abroad

No expat experience is complete without sharing it with others, but meeting new people abroad can be harder than we think. Don’t worry though – whether you’re looking to hang with the locals or bond with fellow expats, we’ve got you covered.

friends3Keep social with social media

Although it might not look that way, spending some time locked in your bedroom staring at your laptop is a great way to make new friends whilst abroad. When you move to a new country, search Facebook groups or forums about your new city. You might discover an underground gig, a bar beloved by expats, or even a post from a fellow newbie looking for someone to hang out with. The Just Landed Community is a great place to start, where there are lots of people waiting to share their country’s secrets with you. We live in a digital age, use it to your advantage!

Mingle with mutual friends

Once you make one friend, you’ve opened doors to many more! If you don’t feel comfortable asking your new pal to introduce you to other people, suggest heading to a bar or getting a meal and ask them to invite who they’d like. Don’t feel awkward about talking to new people, if they’re fellow expats they were in the same situation once too.

Livin’ la vida local

When moving to a new country, chances are you’re going to learn a new language. Coincidentally, this is a great way to meet new people. Many bars and restaurants offer language exchanges, casual settings where people can practice their language skills over a drink or two. If you can’t fit language lessons into your new schedule, this is a great way to not only learn a language, but also find out tips and tricks from the natives. Just make sure you don’t make any of these mistakes…

Tindernational relations

Although Tinder and other such apps are viewed as places to find a relationship, you can still find friends through them too. Write in your bio that you’re new to the area and looking for friends and you’re bound to find countless expats doing the same thing. And if you’re a girl, you’re in luck – new app Bumble BFF is a ‘platonic dating service’ for women to meet one another for friend dates!

How did you manage to meet new people as an expat? Let us know in the comments!

Rosy Parrish

Rosy Parrish grew up in Britain and now lives in Madrid. She divides her time between teaching English, writing about expat life, and befriending dogs in the street.

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