Meeting people when moving abroad

Let’s face it: meeting new people can be scary. You’ll ask yourself “how should I behave?”, because we’ve learned that the first impression is the most important. For that reason, read on to get advice that will make meeting new people easier.

Small talk

When you first meet someone new, don’t give them your whole life’s story in the first conversation. This might make you come on too strong. Some people are totally open to it, though, so try to read the room.

Find common interests

This will increase the number of topics to talk about and you might even find something to do that you both like and can do together!

You’re not going to like everyone

And that’s okay. Some people might have different interests and different views on life that you don’t quite agree with and there’s nothing wrong with that. Find people who share your views and interests!

Not everyone is going to like you

And that’s okay, too.

The truth behind cliché quotes

You know why quotes become cliché? Because, most of the time, they’re true. Which is why, time after time, people will keep telling you to just be yourself, to take it one day at a time, and that good things aren’t rushed.

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