Shakespeare in castles around Europe

Being an expat means getting to explore new societies, customs and culture. But many people living abroad miss going to the theatre, mostly due to the language barrier. This summer, The American Drama Group Europe and TNT Britain are touring Europe performing three of Shakespeare’s most celebrated plays: Much Ado About nothing, Macbeth, The Taming of the Shrew. The performances will take place in European castles as the perfect backdrop to the magical power of Shakespeare’s plays. All performances are in English under the direction of Paul Stebbings.

The Castle Tour has been playing these signature shows since 1995. The plays are chosen to cater to a wide audience, with both comedy and drama. These interpretations breathe new life into these well-known stories, while staying true to Shakespeare’s style. From June to September the tour will be in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg, The Netherlands and other countries. It is a once-a-year opportunity for expats to come together and enjoy wonderful productions of these great plays in English.

Much Ado About Nothing: A vibrant comedy dealing with two couples in love, exaggerated intrigues and over-the-top characters. Director Paul Stebbings mixes comedy and drama with a remarkable theatrically energetic production.

The Taming of the Shrew: One of Shakespeare’s most popular comedies, a ‘battle of the sexes’ which covers issues such as women’s role in society, love and money; as relevant today as 400 years ago. It is accompanied by live music composed by the famous Scottish composer John Kenny.

Macbeth: One of the greatest Shakespeare’s tragedies about the power, ambition and the consequences of our actions is turned into a true visual masterpiece. Paul Flush prepared an original haunting score. This play is not afraid to take risks and introduces unusual funny moments into the plot.

All of the plays have received rave reviews:

One of the most interesting developments on the current theatrical scene (The Guardian).


Don’t miss The Castle Tour 2011, as it will be an event to remember!
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