Opinionated expat? Have your say!

Three years ago, HSBC launched a global expat survey with the goal of learning more about the opinions of expats. Key findings from the 2010 included:

  • Emerging economies remain on top for expat finances
  • Wealth gap continues to widen between the East and Mainland Europe with Russia home to wealthiest expats, followed by the Middle East
  • BRIC countries emerging as expat hotspots
  • Thailand, Canada and Bahrain were the top three locations for improved expat lifestyle
  • Expat children live a better life away from home with Belgium ranking as the best place to raise expat children

Check out this video for a quick introduction to what it’s all about:

Lisa Wood, Head of Marketing at HSBC Bank International, said,

Last year we were given further insight into how expats had adapted their lifestyles to the changing economic climate. Many expats thought their economy had declined over the previous year, with this trend being exaggerated for those in Europe – we’re keen to see the changes expats have experienced and how this trend has evolved and developed over the past year with further insights from expats around the globe.

Now in its fourth year, it’s time for you to have your say again. Click here to participate. [survey closed]

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