Who is the two millionth Erasmus student?

Since its launch in 1987, the Erasmus programme has helped two million students carry out a part of their studies or a work placement in another European country. Thirty-one students (one per country participating in Erasmus) were chosen to symbolically represent the two millionth student. They were honoured at a conference, which took place last October in Lund, Sweden.

Handing out the awards, the new European Commissioner for Education, Training, Culture and Youth, Maroš Šefčovič, said:

Erasmus is a European success story and I am delighted to celebrate the milestone of the two millionth Erasmus student. The Commission strongly supports the view that going abroad to learn should become the rule rather than the exception for young Europeans. The conference in Lund is helping to make this objective a reality.

A European success story

The Erasmus programme started in 1987, and today more than 180,000 students go to study abroad each year with its support. In mid-2009 the total number of people who went abroad with Erasmus reached two million. What is less well known is that since 1997, more than 200,000 teachers from higher education institutions have also taken part in Erasmus to teach abroad. In addition to these exchanges, institutions also work together across Europe through projects and networks funded by Erasmus.

Erasmus students at Just Landed

This year Just Landed has three Erasmus internees, which significantly contribute to the site. Indeed, you can thank Lesley from Scotland for the Malta Guide, Monika from Germany for the Brazil Guide and Indira from Germany for the German version of the Hungary Guide!

For more information on the Erasmus programme visit the website of the European Student Network.

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