Just Landed BBQ: A peek behind-the-scenes

upright bbq

The Just Landed team kicking off the BBQ with some strawberry mojitos.

I soon discovered that joining the international Just Landed team doesn’t just mean working hard to help the worldwide expat community, but it also includes a barbecue and garden party once in a while – something that the Just Landies (past and present) very much enjoy.

Last Friday, it was time for some JL team bonding again, and now that summer has officially begun in Madrid, we thought there is no better way to celebrate than by having a barbecue.

bbq 1

Having a great time in our office garden.

And when we have a barbecue, we mean business; we’re talking home-made burgers, spicy marinated chicken, lamb and veggie skewers and all topped off by a round of juicy ribs – an mouthwatering array of meat (thanks Simon!)

Of course, all this required a fair amount of preparation, but by joining forces we managed it (all five content team members now have muscles of steel after carrying the supplies back from Alcampo, our local supermarket).

bbq 3

Who knew editorial interns could be such posers?

As you can see from our grinning faces, there were plenty of beverages, including fresh strawberry mojitos made with lots of love (thanks Steven!) not to mention an endless supply of nibbles and snacks – the  perfect way to whet our appetite for the feast in our rather charming office back garden.

With our bellies grumbling and our mouths watering, the anticipation for the food set in. When the meat was ready, we were not disappointed, and we consumed the lot! All-in-all it was a very successful barbecue (with hopefully many more to come!)


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