American expats, why don’t you study abroad?

4608963722_7c88e503f8_bWhy is it that Europeans, Australians and Canadians flock in their thousands to study abroad while Americans tend to seek education on their own soil?

Jennifer Carvalho wrote in her article Why do so few Americans study abroad? “While it may be nice to attend school in another country, there is no real pressing need for an American to do so.”

This may be the case for some who desire an “all-American” education that is internationally recognised. Studying abroad, however doesn’t mean that you are limiting yourself in any way. With the popularity of online degrees increasing, American students can now receive high quality education in an international environment.

Studying abroad is an enriching and rewarding experience, but how many American expats are embracing this opportunity?

We want to find out!

Help us with our research into higher education for American expats. Our survey takes just 5 minutes and each response contributes 1$ towards educational projects in local communities through the NGO United WayWhat are you waiting for?

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